The Municipal Government of Siay envisions its people to be self-reliant, healthy, secured, united, empowered and champion of sustainable development, living in a relatively modern community with an agricultural-driven economy coupled governed by God-centered and pro-people officials with balanced ecology, disaster-resilient, drug-free society .


To achieve our Vision we commit to :

  • Provide adequate infrastructure Facilities
  • Enhance and sustain agro-industrial and fishery productivity for adequate employment and livelihood opportunities
  • Provide efficient and effective Delivery of social services, with emphasis among others:
  • a. Health
    b. Nutrition
    c. Social Welfare

  • Foster strong partnership among the Business sector, civil society organization and government sector.
  • Promote and develop eco-tourism, environmental conservation, protection and rehabilitation.
  • Improve and sustain public order and safety.
  • Promote transparent, accountable and participatory governance.
  • Ensure the integrity of the civil register.
  • Sustainably support education programs.
  • - Effective and Efficient disaster management and response;
    - Advocate and promote spiritual recovery program;
    - Create Disaster Resilient Community